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CEIRD offers a variety of Arts projects in County Galway. We organise workshops in community halls, primary school visits, secondary school and university level presentations on different art forms. We also offer short concerts in nursing homes. CEIRD is about music, language and writing workshops.

One can sing, write or learn a language for many different reasons and at any stage of one’s life. Whether you are 3 or 103, there is no 'proper age' to start enjoying the fun of such activities! CEIRD also hopes to create teaching opportunities for those other artists (visual artists, musicians, writers, actors, crafts people etc…) who live in County Galway. Whether you are an artist who wishes to teach with us, a school or a prospective student, we hope you find something on this website that will inspire you to form connections with the project.

In February 2012, singer and writer Batsheva Battu officially founded CEIRD. These are a few words from her:

My name is Batsheva and I am from France. I have been working with singing, performance and writing for over ten years. I have lived in four different countries thus far, which has given me a taste for varied languages, cultures, and musical and artistic styles. I have had an interest in World Music since early childhood and have sung songs from many traditions, from Gospel to Gypsy Music, from Jewish Music to Inuit (Eskimo) throat singing. In the past few years, I have been focusing on Medieval Music, Irish Sean-Nós singing, English-language folk songs from Britain and Ireland and Scots Gàidhlig singing.

My father is a writer, as was my grandfather, and this has inspired me to do a BA in Languages and Creative Writing in England. I also spent many years studying Music on different university courses (Classical Music in France and Italy, Medieval Music in France and Ireland, an MA in Irish Traditional Music from the University of Limerick and a Diploma in Composition and Performance from Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge in Connemara). These courses provided a rich context for the study of two expressive media, music and writing. I often perform my music on stage and sing with several ensembles dedicated to different world music traditions.

When I was in England I started composing music to some of my poems, and I then got a job as a songwriter in France. I used to think of my interest in languages as separate from my musical interests until I realised that music was a language in its own right, a form of expression as powerful as creative writing.

I now live in the Connemara Gaeltacht where I work with singing and writing full-time. I find Connemara very artistic, it is a pleasure to live so near other musicians, writers, actors, crafts people and visual artists. I founded CEIRD in order to provide those artists with a common point of contact. I hope CEIRD allows us all to develop collaborations in future.

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